New Software Scans, Plays And Edits Sheet Music

ScanScore, a software company based in Handorf, Germany, has introduced a new software that scans sheet music via a common scanner or smartphone and imports the digital data to common formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIF, AND PDF.

Once the data has been digitized, the software will play it back and permit the user to edit it. Once he or she is satisfied with the changes, it can be saved directly into ScanScore or exported to another software using MusicXML.

The software is ideal for musicians who write their own music or play by ear, music teachers of any instrument, including voice, to educate their students, and music educators who teach music theory.

Musicians can use the software to practice difficult sections, play along at any tempo and practice a score until he or she can play it to their satisfaction. The software can also play the piece in accompaniment allowing a musician to practice his or her specific part.

Music teachers will find it an invaluable tool in teaching students how a piece should sound whether they are in the classroom or studying at home.

Music educators can use the software to assist their students to learn rhythm and pitch.

The software includes a very easy to use interface that features a menu bar that commands the file, editing, music notes, bar, and language. Below the menu bar is the toolbar menu that includes basic tools such as import, export, undo/redo, toggle, and zoom. Moreover, it also hosts a massive selection of editing tools.

The software will playback the score after the sheet music has been scanned so that you can listen and identify errors.

Once a PDF of the sheet music is created, the score appears on a split screen — the original on the left and the scan on the right. The software identifies incomplete measures with a purple line and extra notes with a light blue line. A number at the end of the line shows what voice needs to be corrected.

The ScanScore software allows you to change just about any portion of the score.

Three versions of the software are available — Professional, Ensemble, and Melody. All three versions utilizes the Windows 10 operating system. The ScanScore Capture app is available for Android and iOS. Costs range from $39 to $159.

More information can be found and the software is available for downloading at the company’s website.