HP LTO 7 – Holdup Your Data Using The Newest Technology

A company’s personal data and the information is highly necessary for their survival, and thus it is important for them to keep this information preserved safely so that whenever it is needed it can be accessed quickly. Having a backup for your company’s data is essential because you need to recover your information in case if it gets damaged or lost.

A backup storing is the strategy that helps the companies in keeping the private and essential data secure and safe in case they need to recover it. Most businesses use data tapes to archive their important data, and HP LTO 7 is one of the best options for saving valuable data.

What Is LTO?

Linear Tape Open is one of the best methods for storing large data and is tape based. The tape is an open format which means that permits numerous sources of the products that also store data to be compatible with it. Because of it being an open format, LTO has been approved by many businesses in the storage industry. This means that you can choose from a broad range of tape drives and cartridges that are compatible with each other.

LTO Advancing Technology

LTO was introduced in the year 2000, and it was the first generation of LTO. The next LTO generations were presented at intervals of a year, and every new generation came with higher transfer rates and capacities. With every new generation, new features were also added that made protecting data a better experience. It was also made sure that the new production was compatible with the last generation. Therefore, LTO 7 can read and write LTO 6 and LTO 5 cartridges.

Features Of LTO

One of the characteristics of LTO is its read many (WORM) capabilities and writes once, which means that your data can’t be erased, altered or overwritten. Data encoding is also another essential feature of Linear Tape Open and it makes sure that data is safe and secure when the tapes are transported. LTO 7 allows the data to be compressed first before the encryption so that the capacity is increased. Partitioning is also a new feature that has been added in the new upcoming generations that guarantee efficient control of the management of space and files through the LTFS.

The Seventh Generation Tapes

The new generation of tapes has entered in the 7th generation, which will be introduced by the end of 2015 or in the start of 2016. The LTO 7 raises the storage capacity with a predicted uncompressed capacity limit of 6.4 terabytes (TB), double the present measure of 3.2 TB limit of the LTO 6. Compressed volume sums will have the volume to attain levels of 16 TB, more than double that of the 6.25TB max of LTO 6.

Data Recovery