Free Online Backup – Are They Reliable?

Reading on an online backup blog, it is amazing how there are a lot of companies who offer free online backup. With the knowledge that it is cheaper to have an online storage than buying a new hard drive, it’s so tempting to try on these free offers. But do they work? Or to air out the obvious concern, are they reliable?

How Does a Free Online Storage Work?

Most offers of free storage are coming from online backup providers who want to entice new users in subscribing to their services. They only require you to sign up for the free trial offer and you can have a limited amount of storage space which you can use for your files.

Some companies give you a few days to try it out and see for yourself how easy their user interface works. After the trial period, you will either lose an access to the account, or be given an option to upgrade into a paid account. Even after the trial, some companies let the users have an access to a free account but they have to make do with very limited options like a little amount of storage and lesser priority in the technical support department.

Usually, users are asked to answer surveys at the end of the trial period. This is not compulsory but it would greatly help a company to improve their services if you are going to provide useful insights about their products.

Are They Reliable?

When asked about the reliability, of course they are. Cloud storage providers boast on its services because they provide security to your files like no other can. An online backup is just like having a backup on your hard drive; the main difference is that you can access it online at anytime that you want. The same amount of security is applied just like when you are saving your files on your computer. Regardless of it being free or not, online backup providers make sure that the user can see how easy and efficient it is to have cloud storage than a physical backup of your files.

Even though they are free, these trials that cloud storage providers give to their potential clients are given too much importance by the company. It is one of the best ways to show their clientele how good they are in the business. The limitations are there to show the users that there are more perks that awaits them once they sign up for the paid service. Given that they find the service useful and that they enjoyed using the product, it is likely that they will purchase the service at once.

To impress the public, these free trials are being offered and although they may be limited usually to the capacity provisions, they are as reliable as the real thing. So if you are planning to try out on these offers, you can visit any online backup blog that has links to numerous cloud storage providers who gives instant and free access to their services.

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